Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve

(Portuguese registered Charity Nº 474536)

How You Can Help

· By becoming a Member

By becoming a member it shows us that you care for animals and that you want your subscription to be used to help them from being cruelly treated.   For details please see the membership section

· By becoming a Volunteer

If you live in the Algarve or you are visiting on holiday you may like to help us by helping:

· in one of the shops

· fundraising

Please contact us.   Any help would be very much appreciated.

· By giving a donation

Because you care for animals you can help give them a better life and protect them from cruelty by sending a donation.   You can do this by sending a cheque to APAA’s correspondence address or by transfer to APAA’s bank account (all details of which are shown on the ‘contact us’ page).

· By remembering us in your Will

By making a legacy in your Will in our favour you can help the life-saving work of APAA to continue for years to come.   Please consult your lawyer if you wish to help in this way.

· By involving your Company

Building a relationship with APAA can be mutually satisfying to your colleagues as well as to the Managing Director.

APAA is one of the best known charities in the Algarve featuring prominently in the news.

APAA is a symbol for animal welfare in the Algarve and most people own and love their pets and want to see animals being properly treated.