Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve

(Portuguese registered Charity Nº 474536)

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APAA is a charity registered in Portugal and is one of the best known animal charities in the Algarve and was founded in 1994.   In 1995 APAA moved to near Pereira on leased land.   Over the years the Charity has rescued hundreds of animals, at its peak housing around two hundred dogs and many cats per year. During that time we had excellent results in re-homing animals, not only in Portugal but also in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

Unfortunately, at the end of August 2008 our Rescue Centre had to close as the land had been put up for sale and it was not possible to continue with the sheltering of animals on it.

As a voluntary organisation we receive no assistance from Government and all our fundraising comes from our three shops - one in Albufeira, one in Alvor and the third in Silves - fundraising and donations.   As can be imagined – especially in the current financial climate – it is not easy to balance the expenditure to suit everyone.   We have a budget agreed by the Members in General Assembly and we are expected to keep within it.   As will be seen from the Accounts, we are managing reasonably well, although overspending in some areas is balanced by reducing expenditure in others.

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